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The Alternative WI Calendar
Calendar Girls - the movie
The Alternative WI Calendar story continues.

In March 2000, Beryl Bamforth (January), Angela Baker (February), Lynda Logan (July), Christine Clancy (september), Tricia Stewart (October), Ros Fawcett (November), Terry Logan (Photographer) and Angela's two children signed a contract with Harbour Pictures assigning the rights to their royalties over to the Leukaemia Research Fund. The Calendar has now raised over £600,000 for the fund.

The six girls who have signed for the movies are now known as 'Baker's Half Dozen' - pictured here. When the Alternative WI Calendar sold out in 2001, the six produced the card to sell for the LRF. The photographer was, or course, Terry Logan. There is a dedication on the back of the card to John Baker, who was the inspiration for the 'Alternative WI Calendar'. These cards are sold for £2.00. Bakers half dozen
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At the end of June 2002 filming started on 'Calendar Girls' on location in the Dales. Kettlewell, Linton, Coniston, Skipton, Ingleton and Settle have all been backdrops for the movie. Many locals have been involved following a casting session for extras at the Hanover Hotel in Skipton. Around 1000 extras were needed, instilling a great local interest in the production.

The impressive cast includes Helen Mirren, Julie Walters, Linda Bassett, Celia Imrie, Penelope Wilton, Geraldine James, Annette Crosbie, John Alderton, Ciaran Hinds and Phil Gledister.

The film is based on the story of the calendar, not an overtly documentary approach, but treating the subject with humour and sensitivity. As producer Suzanne Mackie said, "This is a wonderful story because it has heart, courage, group spirit and something that showed you can come out of a tragedy and do something positive."

Chuck wagons, wardrobe trailers, make-up trailers, generators, production offices, limos, a crew of 150 plus actresses and actors descended on the Dales, bringing with them much needed business after last year's foot and mouth outbreak. They were a fantastic team of people who loved their time in the Dales and all the people they met and were sad to leave. Even after long days on set, they supported two charity events bringing a certain extra excitement to each of the events.

Buena Vista International (Disney) is backing the project financially. The next six weeks filming takes place at Shepperton Studios in London. Numerous extras are travelling to London to continue their roles. The final two weeks of filming takes place in Los Angeles at Paramount Studios and on location in the US.

Release is scheduled for 2003. Skipton Plaza look out!


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